Current & Previous Programs Provided 2016-2019

Brainwave Optimization

To date we have provided 113 clients with 20 hours each of Brainwave Optimization.

 Brainwave Optimization® is a way to help you achieve a deep state of relaxation by relaxing your brain. This supports you to perform optimally; enhancing your ability to achieve your goals for well-being, recovery, and more. 

Professional Development-Behavior Management training

425 professionals and individuals throughout the Bay Area including special education teachers, speech therapists, occupational therapists, vision specialists, para-professionals, special needs nannies, and students pursuing degrees in related fields have participated in this training. 

Robot Program

 As Autism is a social communication disorder, our clients are not always ready to receive feedback and direction from the multiple adults within the classroom or other learning environments. This robot will allow students to receive support and directions during both social and academic learning times, without feeling like they are being told what to do or how to respond. We have begun probing in 5 autism specific classrooms. 

Upcoming Projects

Garden and Greenhouse


Our goal is to develop a garden to provide educational and vocational horticulture opportunities for special needs individuals, and be a ‘flagship’ program for Community.

 We are actively working to purchase land and begin development of the gardens and our infrastructure for a Healing Center and Retreat Space.

Healing Center and Retreat Space


Our healing center will feature hot tubs and a steam room/sauna as well as Crystal Light Therapy, Reiki, Brainwave Optimization, music therapy, meditation and general quiet spaces, this is the place to relax, recharge, and renew. We envision this space as a Bali-inspired sanctuary, with both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Therapeutic Horse Program


We have found an amazing ranch, Morning Sun located in Watsonville CA, with great trainers and sweet horses. The rest is yet to come as we want to make sure we are meeting the needs and interests of our community. Please reach out and let us know if you are interested. We would love to hear from you.