Employment Opportunities

Behavior Interventionist

3-4 years experience working in  ABA/ or Special Education Classroom with Autism and Behavior focus required.


Behavior Consultant

3-5 years in ABA.

M.A  degree or Teaching Credential REQUIRED.

2 years in similar program, and a minimum of 18 months as a supervisor REQUIRED . BCBA preferred

We are hiring for the upcoming 2017-18 School Year.

Please check our job opportunities page for job openings at https://allenforlife.bamboohr.com/jobs


Our fundamental philosophy

Our fundamental philosophy is that individualized programs should be designed to meet each client’s particular interests and learning styles. These dynamic programs  provide clients with both, opportunity and instructional support . Our goal and promise is to provide high, unmatched quality programs for individuals affected by autism.  We especially hope to provide services for those individuals where behavioral issues make it difficult to be supported. We provide these individuals with both, invaluable opportunities, and experiences that will positively affect the areas of knowledge expansion, skill acquisition, self-esteem, and personal growth. 

We are passionate about establishing fidelity across clients and service providers. We know this can only done by providing our direct service and supervisory staff with consistent training and content. We do this by providing and requiring accredited coursework which is completed on an online accreted learning platform. Initial training includes 25 hours of Applied Behavioral Analysis, Behavior Management, HIPPA, Clients Rights and Special Educator content. Ongoing and Annual training is provided to all staff members. In addition to behavior based content all staff are required to participate in a four day Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training provided by an A.L.L.E.N Inc. TCI trainer.