Certified Autism Center

Autism Living Leisure & Education Nurturing has undergone training to earn its certification of Autism Center through IBCCES.  We are so proud to be the first organization in California to undergo this training for its staff, and  to earn the designation of Certified Autism Center.

This designation means that at least 80% of the  staff have participated in rigorous training. Initial training includes 25 hours of Applied Behavioral Analysis, Behavior Management, HIPPA, Clients Rights and Special Educator content. 

Ongoing and Annual training is provided to all staff members. In addition to behavior based content all staff are required to participate in a four day Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training.

Certified Autism Center Requirements and Promise

We are dedicated to serving individuals with autism.

At least 80% of our staff are trained and certified in the field of Autism.

We maintain compliance with National Healthcare/Education Accreditation standards.

We are committed to ongoing training in autism.

We comply with HIPPA and ADA requirements.

Why we decided Certification is Needed

In 2014,1:68 kids diagnosed (CDC)

600% increase in Autism diagnosis             over the last 10 years

Increased demand by parents

Lack of relevant skills among current licensed professionals and caregivers

Litigation around Autism

Bridges the gap between formal college education and what is needed in workforce

Rapidly changing research requires constant skill assessment and training

                                      - IBCCES