Certified Autism Center

Autism Living Leisure & Education Nurturing has undergone training to earn its certification of Autism Center through IBCCES.  We are so proud to be the first organization in California to undergo this training for its staff, and  to earn the designation of Certified Autism Center.

This designation means that at least 80% of the staff have participated in rigorous training. Initial training includes 25 hours of Applied Behavioral Analysis, Behavior Management, HIPPA, Clients Rights and Special Educator content. 

Ongoing and Annual training is provided to all staff members. In addition to behavior based content all staff are required to participate in a four day Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training.

Certified Autism Center Requirements and Promise

We are dedicated to serving individuals with autism.

At least 80% of our staff are trained and certified in the field of Autism.

We maintain compliance with National Healthcare/Education Accreditation standards.

We are committed to ongoing training in autism.

We comply with HIPPA and ADA requirements.

Why we decided Certification is Needed

In 2014,1:68 kids diagnosed (CDC)

600% increase in Autism diagnosis             over the last 10 years

Increased demand by parents

Lack of relevant skills among current licensed professionals and caregivers

Litigation around Autism

Bridges the gap between formal college education and what is needed in workforce

Rapidly changing research requires constant skill assessment and training

                                      - IBCCES

what people are saying

proud mom

We want to thank you for all that you have done for our son this year. His progress is just amazing. We could have never imagined what a great success his transition to middle school would be. He’s making friends for the first time in his life. What a gift that is! You keep him on task and accountable, always guiding him to the next achievement. His first semester report card will be all A’s and B’s. What an achievement! Your detailed daily reports back to us are invaluable in helping us to reinforce at home what you are working on at school. You go above and beyond in all that you do with our son. We are so thankful for all your efforts. You have made a lifelong difference to our son  and to our whole family.

short and sweet

Just wanted to follow-up with you as the year comes to an end today. We are greatly thankful to you and your staff for the kind support you have offered our son over the course of the last year.

teacher's thoughts

I wanted to put in a word for my Behavior Intervention Support staff, because he has been in my room for more than a year in a half so far and he has done an exceptional job at pretty much every task I have given him. He also has an excellent attitude and follow through for taking direction when I ask him to follow my classroom protocols. He is patient with the students and consistent with implementing behavior strategies. He can work with several students at once, including behaviorally challenging or cognitively challenged ones, and manage the group extremely well. He shows a lot of initiative in intervening without being asked when he sees a student displaying behaviors. He also has shown initiative in developing icons for my room as needed. He is also a team player.

He has really been a backbone in my class since he started and I really appreciate his work. I really can't speak highly enough for his performance in my room.

a fellow service provider

I'm the occupational therapist at one of the school sites you service. I wanted to let you know how exceptional your Behavior Intervention staff are to our program. 

showing some love

I wish to express our appreciation for the work performed by the Professional Development Trainer assigned to our site as she conscientiously provided support to our two classes.

Your staff displayed an understanding of current best practices relating to working with preschoolers with autism, sensory challenges, communication challenges and developmental delays. She modeled successful strategies for the large number of paraprofessionals in our two classes and participated in staff meetings. She also led group discussions. During these discussions, she listened to the paraprofessionals, encouraged their participation and respectfully, cogently, and courageously helped them to see things from a different (more enlightened) perspective.

Your staff collaborated with the teachers and specialists, taking the time to listen and to help the group come to consensus as we established priorities and specific plans for the coming weeks.

In my thirty-four years of work in this field - both as a special education teacher and as a speech and language specialist, I have had the privilege of working with a wide variety of professionals and paraprofessionals at the preschool through high school level. From her first day to her last, she proved herself to be among the most talented and conscientious of those with whom I have worked.

staff thoughts

I'm still very honored and happy to be here, and super delighted that we have another year ahead of us! :)

Thank you for your support throughout the year and celebrating us, our big ALLEN family, at the appreciation party.

I  love working for ALLEN, and I believe in the difference this company strives to make in the kids lives.

I am grateful for all the support amongst the company as a whole.

I appreciate all the support I have received this school year.